FastReact 1.0

Reactive transport modelling is commonly used to provide support for repository engineering activities and safety assessment studies. Yet, the very large temporal and spatial scales involved in these types of studies along with the non-linearity of the underlying processes pose formidable computational challenges that usually force modellers to simplify the problem.



In order to circumbent these limitations, we have developed a numerical tool, denoted as FASTREACT, for the efficient solution of large-scale reactive transport simulations. The tool, which relies on the theory of Stochastic-Convective models, decomposes complex three-dimensional geometries into a set of independent streamlines. Reactive transport processes are then solved over the whole set of streamlines using one single reference simulation that incorporates explicitly all the relevant geochemical processes. FASTREACT has been developed for safety assessment calculations of radionuclide transport in fractured rock and thus provides efficient handling of the coupling between advection, reactions and matrix diffusion processes for large amounts of input and output data.


If you would like to reference FastReact in your publications, please use the following reference:

Trinchero, P., Molinero, J., Román-Ross, G. (2012) A streamline-BASED approach for the solution of multicomponent reactive transport problems, SKB report R-10-45

FastReact is property of SKB, the Swedish company for nuclear waste management ( Please contact us at if you are interested in the code.