Barcelona Science y Amphos 21 han firmado un acuerdo de cooperación para desarrollar y comercializar GibbsStudio

GibbsStudio is a software developed by Barcelona Science designed with a geochemist’s needs in mind. It allows to manage water chemistry samples data and run Phreeqc models in a unified productive graphical environment. Discover it at

Today we are happy to announce that Barcelona Science and Amphos 21 have signed a collaboration agreement to develop and commercialize GibbsStudio. The collaboration between Barcelona Science and Amphos 21 has powered up GibbsStudio to its current state. This agreement is a natural step in the long road of collaboration that both companies have co-created.

With this agreement, Amphos 21 will start to commercialize GibbsStudio worldwide and the Barcelona Science software will be available for the solutions that we offer to our clients.

Let us know if you want to know more about GibbsStudio and investigate the solutions it can offer to you!

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